For conceptual light-artist Clifton Mahangoe (1973), light has always played a leading role. In the 1990's Mahangoe forst became acqainted with video-art and projection techniques, during these years he worked together with several Amsterdam based video artists. Inspired by famous artists such as Bill Viola, Jan Dibbets and Anish Kapoor, Clifton Magangoe was one of the first ever to use video projection of waterfalls, holoscreens and multi-players as the decor for shows and events. He mesmerizes the audience with light and arouses the spectators' senses with his visual language. 

As painters use brushes, paint and canvas, Clifton uses light and projection as the bearers of his signal and message: the experience of space, perception, time and light. Mahangoe lives and works in Amsterdam, a city that is a fertile source of inspiration to him. 

Triple A Projects proudly presents the video-art series 'Windows', in which Clifton shows the viewer his view on the world.


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