Cornelia Schleime: Ich zeige nicht Alles

Cornelia Schleime (1953, Berlijn) gives free rein to her mythical creatures in her exhibition Ich Zeige nicht Alles in Museum Bommel van Dam. For her is Art "Tragik, Liebe und Leidenschaft" as we can read in her autobiography. Here we encounter little romantic, but tension, eroticism and alienation, beautiful transformations from animal to human, fairy-like creatures. You can dream away, but stay alert, because you never know what wil happen. 

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Equlibriste (2008)

Equilibriste is another enigmatic creature, half human/ half animal and it gleams in the wings of the Museum Bommel van Dam. The drawings in the serie ' Aus die Reihe Camouflage' are another impulse tot the imagination: a modern version of Ovid's Metamorphoses?

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Aus der Reihe Camouflage (2008)

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Falscher Hase (2008)

Cornelis Schleime works in series, her human/animal mutants are fabulously beautiful, but what intrigues me most are her portraits. Mostly woman. Fascinating restrained, never effusive or exuberant, there is always melancholy, perhaps she stayed to long in the GDR?

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Portrait 2008 (privat collection Feyen, The Hague)

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The Exhibition of Cornelia Schleime Ich zeige nicht Alles can be visited till 25th of september 2016 in Museum Bommel van Dam (Venlo) en then in Berlin, where the artist will be rewarded the Hanna-Hoch-Preis for her oeuvre.



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